If you happen to shop at Amazon, you can give to charity without spending more by going to first, where you will find nearly everything available on Amazon at the same price. The benefit is that if you go to, AmazonSmile will donate .5% of the purchase price toward the charitable organization of your choice. When you first go to their site, you pick which group you want the money to be donated to. There are some purchase items that aren’t eligible, but for the ones that are…you’ll be making a difference!

This is a great (and painless!) way to give toward charity. A few (but by all means, not all) of the worthwhile conservation groups include The Audubon Society; Nature Conservancy; National Park Foundation; National Parks Conservation Association; and World Wildlife Fund. Many of these groups have a local chapter that you can benefit, so make sure to check if that is the case in your area. Or maybe your town has a different conservation group that you can support…by all means, help them out!

…you’ll be glad you did.

For organizations who aren’t yet registered, you can go to to get signed up.